Welcome to my website. I am Wiegert Steen (Utrecht, 1990) and I am an ecologist and photographer. I have been enthusiastic about nature from a very young age. That is why I started a bachelor study Forest and Nature Conservation at INHolland Delft. After my bachelor I started a master study Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen. I received my MSc. with specialization ecology and geographic information systems in 2014. I started as ecologist at Bureau Viridis in October 2014.

Currently my camera equipment consists of a Canon 60D with a 300mm f4 IS lens and an 18-135mm kit lens. The 300mm lens is very flexible because it is very light and also suitable for macro photography. I use the kit lens especially for landscape photography.

I love to walk through nature, to enjoy the view and everything in it. And thanks to the digital age we can now easily share information, so I can show others how beautiful nature really is. The thing I like most about nature is that it never is the same. Nature is always changing. So it is always a surprise what I will discover next time.

“Those who get infected with the "virus of the open field" will want to know, recognize and name more and more. It's an addiction, but one that is fun!”

— Altered, but orginally from: Veldkijker, Monica Wesseling


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Wiegert by day.
Wiegert by night.